Project Ellie:1967 BMW1600-2

Samuel has quite a project ahead of him. This is where the true love of the BMW2002 shines. Having never driven or ridden in one, Samuel first saw a BMW02 when he moved to his stepfathers house in 2014. This restoration project is going to change that, he has admitted to becoming quite obsessed with this bimmer, knowing there is beauty and soul beneath the endless hours of work (and a fair dose of frustration) which lay ahead of him.

Manufactured on October 6, 1967. Ellie is one of the last BMWs with a 2 spoke steering wheel and swan neck mirrors.

When asked what the biggest challenges he mentions welding, and sourcing the correct parts. I suppose a 1967 4 speed will require much research and determination when it comes to restoring closely to it’s original state. No history on this car’s previous owners is known, but thanks to Samuel and the folks who help along the way, this car will have another life to live. Ellie has a lot of roads to cover, joy to give, and memories to make.

Ellie and her owner reside in the Hudson, NY area. Give them a follow and support on instagram @68_bmw1600.2

-enjoy the drive,

Clementine & friends.

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