1971 BMW2002

taking inventory (photo by Eric King)

Fountain Square Roundie is a father-daughter project out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The name given was based off of the city’s iconic sculpture which was created in Munich. This sculpture and this 2002 were built exactly 100 years apart, both born in the same German city. Eric, being a designer, created a fantastic logo for this project. Enjoy a visit to their blog, tons of information and photos on this BMW project.

Fountain Square Roundie

Eric admits to knowing from the start that this car project was a bit over their head, but more importantly believed that it must be done. The goals that were set out from the beginning are as follows:

  • Have Fun
  • Meet People
  • Ultimately Drive

The first two have gone very well, the third will take more time.

Sarah and Fountain Square Roundie (photo Eric King)

Similar to other 2002 owners, it was the clean, direct driving feel which was the hook when driving this model Bimmer for the first time. Eric had a 1976 BMW 2002 and has a wonderful article in Petrolicious about his October 1996 solo road trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Seattle. Click on the photo to go read it.

photo of the first 02 taken from Ken’s Petrolicious road trip story

This 76 was sold, surely with regret. Don’t we all know what happens next? Now there is another to fill that empty feeling which can only be remedied by a set of 02 keys in hand and a project in the garage. Eric and his daughter purchased the partially disassembled project car from someone who saved it from the crusher. No history of previous owners, she’s a clean slate with a lot of work ahead. Eric has plans for this car, to be passed down to Sarah. Not only a set of keys, but maybe more importantly, all the memories and stories it will forever keep.

Some wise words by Eric and his daughter for those of you working on your own 2002 project:
“Momentum is everything on a project, and we’ve had both good and bad seasons. Advice is to keep at it, somehow, even when you can’t afford new parts.”

“the team” (photo by Fountain Square Roundie)

Go visit the Fountain Square Roundie blog and Instagram page.
You may also enjoy this book designed by Eric https://fountainsquareroundie.com/ran-when-parked-book/ .

Enjoy the drive (or the quest for it),
Clementine & Friends

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