1971 BMW2002

Fountain Square Roundie is a father-daughter project out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The name given was based off of the city’s iconic sculpture which was created in Munich. This sculpture and this 2002 were built exactly 100 years apart, both born in the same German city. Eric, being a designer, created a fantastic logo for thisContinue reading “1971 BMW2002”

1970 Atlantik BMW2002

This classic 2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona has a great story, one of past loves, fate, and of cars which really do find their perfect owners. Tom told me how he first discovered his fondness of 2002’s. July of 1969, working at a dealership, learning about imports, he met his first 02. Totally besotted by aContinue reading “1970 Atlantik BMW2002”

Project Ellie:1967 BMW1600-2

Samuel has quite a project ahead of him. This is where the true love of the BMW2002 shines. Having never driven or ridden in one, Samuel first saw a BMW02 when he moved to his stepfathers house in 2014. This restoration project is going to change that, he has admitted to becoming quite obsessed withContinue reading “Project Ellie:1967 BMW1600-2”