This is a passion project, a storybook of sorts of every BMW2002 that we can collectively document- whether on the road or in your barn/garage, this is focused simply on sharing the passion for the cars we love. As a believer in the value of the printed page, I am also aiming to create a coffee table book for 2002 fans to cherish. Who’s in? Once we can travel again I will be hitting the road to document and photograph all that I can, in the meantime this form below will get things started. This will be an ongoing compilation of owners photos and my own, interviews, and questions answered in type. By formatting this as a blog I will be continually adding more cars as enthusiasts send the stories in. It is going to be amazing, so many 02’s out there which deserve to be shared, celebrated, and remembered! If you would like to participate please see my link below – any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate. You can find my form “BMW2002 collection of stories and photos” at: .

If you happen to be have fond memories of a 2002 you miss dearly, maybe regret selling, please submit! I will also add a section for the lost 02’s and hope some will be reunited!
Enjoy the drive,

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